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Our Services

Windows Applications


We develop highly functional and high-grade custom window applications using .NET, PHP and PYTHON so you can maximize customer experience.

Database Management

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We keep your data organized, secure and easily accessible through our highly tailored database development services using SQL, MySQL and Azure SQL.

Web Development


We Help you grab users’ attention and convert them with interactive, operational, optimized and customer-oriented websites.

UX & UI Design

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We help you attract and retain users with UI/UX designs that resonate with your visitors and make your website/apps interactive.

iOS/MacOS Apps

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We develop lightweight, agile and secure iOS/macOS apps for enterprise or customer use to help you grow exponentially.

QA & Testing


We offer end-to-end agile custom QA Testing services so you can achieve good quality, security, usability, functionality, performance and speed.

Android Applications


We help you create a distinct brand, increase conversion and connect personally with your customers through attractive and interactive android apps.


Domain Expertise We Have

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The Real Estate market is one of the most complex markets in the entire world due to the fact that it is in a continuous change. We at TechsureServices understand the fluctutations & needs of this business to provide what you are looking for.




In today’s world, there is competition everywhere so in order to survive, Manufacturing Industries need to have good systems .Exactly thats why TechsureServices provides economical & flexible Cloud ERP, CMS & CRM solutions.



Now a days there is rapid growth in the Education Sector leading to increased competition.TechsureServices knows that a well-structured Website & Digital Marketing in the education sector can mean a position above the competition .







In legal Firms then be it CA's,Lawyers & Tax Consultants they need to do lot of paper work & meet timelines. We at TechsureServices knows importance of timelines & docs, thats why we developed Mobile Apps & Cloud ERP which takes care of the difficulties.

Match Making is a growing business, It is a market of average 1000 crore in india. Some marriage bureau working on 1 to 1 basis are also preferring Matrimonial Website. We have ready to deliver Website, Android & iOS App which covers all the aspects of matrimony.

Out of all of the industries that technology plays a crucial role in, healthcare is definitely one of the most important.We Have Worked With Pharma Industries,We have created such Cloud CMS that can easily track all the enquires,suppliers,products & etc. remotely.



Technology plays an important role in the hospitality and tourism industry with which both customers and businesses can benefit. We have ready to deliver products such as "Resort Management", "Lodge Management" & "Restaurant Billing".



Use of software tools helps companies to automate these functions and organize the data flow to improve the decision making capabilities. We belive that the real time data analysis is required to take decision. We have Web Applicatios for your needs.

Why Choose Us

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High Quality Hardware

We maintain the state-of-the-art labs equipped with modern tools and relevant gadgets required for applications and software development. 


Dedicated 24\7 Support

We regard the customers our core assets and provide round the clock customer support to help you grow without disruptions. 

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High Level of Usability

All our products have high usability allowing users to easily operate the apps.

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Agile and Fast Working Style

We maintain a good number of the work force to deliver exceptional IT services to our worldwide clientele within the promised timeframe.

About Us

TechsureServices helps SMEs effectively and efficiently virtualize their businesses, run business operations without disruptions and thrive by extending self-sustainable and reliable IT solutions. We have built TechsureServices out of a raw and inconceivable idea driven by customers trust in our cutting-edge IT solutions. We regard our customers our core assets and aim to deliver innovative and smart IT services to our worldwide clientele. Our primary services include agility, precision, and security which are best utilized in hardware and software alike. With 11 years of combined experience at hand, we aim to commit our assets to deliver customized and scalable solutions to our customers and build a tech community par excellence.



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